Syringe Mold

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SINO-PK syringe Mold details:

  • Syringe Mold cavity steel:

    Stavax S420 made in Sweden, stainless, heat treatment with HRC50±2

  • Syringe Mold core steel:

    DIN 1. 2083 made by Thyssen Krup German, stainless heat treatment with HRC48±2.

  • Syringe Mold stripper plate inserts steel:

    DIN 1. 2083 made by Thyssen Krup German, stainless heat treament with HRC55±2.

  • Syringe Mold A/B/C plate steel:

    718 steel made by Shanghai Bao steel, prehardened with HRC35±2, Nickel plating is available.

  • Syringe Mold other plate steel:

    P20 steel made by Shanghai Bao steel, prehardened with HRC30±2. Nickel plating is avaialble.

  • Syringe Mold guiding system steel:

    SKD 61 made in Japan with HRC61±2.

  • Syringe Mold durable parts material:

    Durable copper with lubrication graphite inserted.

  • Syringe Mold hot runner system:

    Anole hot runner system valve gate for PET professionally design with the temperature controlling system. Heating elements and thermocouples are made in German, valve pin made by Japanese company in China with Titanium plated. 100% avoid the melted PET material leakaging.

  • Syringe Mold water connectors:

    Big nozzle connectors with the water channle on the plate diameter 16mm, water nipple connected togather with one stainless water manifold.

  • Syringe Mold cavities Nr.:

    SINO-PK Syringe Mold cavities Nr. from 8 cavities to 72 cavities.

  • Syringe Mold cycle time:

    Syringe Mold cycle time from 12 to 40 seconds if the cavities Nr. from 8 to 72 cavities.

  • Syringe Mold stocked standard components:


    • -standard screw neck
    • -hot runner nozzle
    • -heating elements
    • -thermocouples
    • -valve pins
    • -hot manifold material sealers
    • -wire plugs
    • -durable pcs
    • -water nipples
    • -water manifolds
    • -ejector connectors
    • -oring
    • -copper water pipe of the cores
    • ......


  • Syringe Mold components spare quantity:

    core,cavity,screw neck hot runner nozzle's standard spare is 12.5 to 25% based on the cavities nr. of the mould.

  • Syringe Mold production safety devices:

    Stroke switches and electric eyes.

  • Syringe Mold ejection way:

    -by the machine knock out.
    -by the vice cavities cooling with the robot pick out.

  • Syringe Mold cooling water:

    Syringe Mold cooling water need 5 to 15 centigrade degree soft water.

  • Syringe Mold cavities C-C distance:

    As minum as possible for X and Y.

  • Molded syringe cylinder wall thickness tolerance:


  • Molded syringe cylinder weight tolerance:

    0.1% to 0.25% based on the syringe cylinder size and shape.