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Please contact to SINO-PK for custom PET preform moulds and cap molds. SINO-PK is your best choice for custom preform moulds and cap or closure mould, can offer you the top quality PET preform moulds and various cap or closure molds with good price and diamond services.

When custom preform moulds or custom cap molds, please offer below information to get correct quotation data with moulds detailed specifications.

The information requested for custom preform moulds and various cap closure molds:

A. Custom preform moulds or cap molds’ cavities Nr. For this point if you do not know how to determine the cavities quantity in each mould, then you can tell SINO-PK your daily quantity requirements estimation or monthly or annually quantity requirements. If you are not sure the quantity you need, then you can tell us your injection molding machine’s specifications such like:

1. Tonnage of your machine’s clamping force.

2. Tie-bar distances, if possible also tell us your machine’s L/D of the screw.

3. Ejection stroke

4. If use T slot clamping, screw clamping….

Based on your above information, we can determine how many cavities can be made in your custom preform moulds or cap closure molds.

B. If you are using special material for your cap or preform, please do remember to tell us or send us the plastic raw materials specification data.

C. If you have the special cycle time’s requirements for your custom preform moulds or cap closure molds, please tell us in order that SINOPK can offer you some high speed injection molding solutions.

D. Please also tell us the custom preform mould or cap closure molds life you requested. For example SINOPK standard mould life guarantee for PET preform mould is 2 million shots while for cap is 4 million shots. If you need more, then we should use special steel for moulds plate or other components. This will cause the moulds cost difference. ….

Custom preform moulds or custom cap or closure molds contact information:
Sino Holdings Group

Sino Packaging Mould Co.

Add : 369 Xin Jiang Rd., Xinqian New Mould Industrial Zone, Huangyan Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
P.C. 318020
Tel : 86 576 84023777 / 84086666
Fax : 86 576 84018996