Disc Top Cap Mould

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disc top cap mould

Disc top cap consist of 2 parts, the main body and the top cap. This kind of cap also widely used in shampoo bottle, cosmetic package and other bottles. In order to have better appearance, some manufacturer will do some printing to make it more beautiful.

Disc top cap mould structure
Disc top cap require for two moulds to make each part.
For the top cap mould, it is very simple, the mould can be made with 24 cav, 32 cav, 48 cav or more. The gate generally is on the side of the cap, so it will not be so obviously.
For the main body mould, this mould structure is very important. With traditional design, the mould life is not long, because there are some parts easy wear. Now Sino have a new structure to avoid the wear during production, our mould can ensure long mould life.

Disc top cap mould hot runner system:
Anole hot runner system professionally design for small volume injection hot nozzle, with the temperature controlling system. Heating elements and thermocouples are made in German.

Disc top cap mould steel
As cap mould always work under high speed and high output, so it has high requirement on mould steel quality. The steel used for cap mould should be with hardness no less than 42HRC, generally, we use S136 steel with hardness HRC 48-52 for cap moulds, we can ensure mould life for 5M shots.

Disc top cap mould tooling
We use high precision CNC tooling machine to make the moulds, to ensure the size of each part is qualified, on each part we make, there will have qualified mark and its number to identify.