5 gallon preform mould manufacturing

Sino Mould is one of the leading PET preform mould manufacturer, it good at making various preform moulds, including the 5 gallon preform mould. With the big size, it makes the 5 gallon preform mould tooling a little difficult, as a good preform mould factory, it should has good tooling machine to make the high quality mould.

Sino has more than 100 sets tooling equipment, like lathe machine, CNC milling machine, EDM machine, wire cutting machine, drilling machine and so on. We have several machines especially for preform mould tooling, to ensure the high precision of the mould.

For preform mould, we use S136 mould steel, it is a kind of steel with need to do heat treatment, so it will has 3 step tooling, rough tooling- half precision tooling –heat treatment– precision tooling. We have rigid control of preform mould quality, so customers don’t need to worry to make mould in our factory.

If you want to make 5 gallon preform mould, pls don’t hesitate to send your inquiry to us.

Posted by Elaine
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