Advanced preform molding R&D

Preform molding is one of very professional and technical work, it related to many areas, like the raw material treatment, preform mould, PET injection machine.
Sino Mould as the leading PET preform mould in China, it has a professional R&D team to support sales team offer customer professional consult of PET preform molding.

First for PET raw material, as we all know, PET material with high hygroscopicity, so before PET preform molding, the raw material must be dried with dehumidifier and dry machine at least for 4 hours.

Second for PET preform mould, the mould must with high precision to avoid any big tolerance on size; it will ensure the good blow of the bottle. At the same time, for the preform mould, it must with very good cooling system to ensure the short cycle time and reach high output.

Finally, for PET injection molding machine, the machine must especially for PET injection, because PET special machine is designed with big plasticizing capacity.

With our advanced preform molding R&D team, we can offer you professional suggestion.

Posted by Elaine
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