High speed PET preform production line

PET preform production is required world widely. As long as where need the bottles, it will requires for PET preform. How to make high speed production line for PET preform? What equipment required for PET preform production? Here let me introduced briefly.

For PET preform production, it requires for PET special injection machine. What is PET special injection machine? First, the screw and barrel of PET machine is different from common standard injection machine, because it has high requirement on plasticizing capacity, so PET screw L/D is longer than normal machine that make the machine total length big. The biggest difference is PET machine with good palletizing capacity while clamping system is not so large.

Besides PET injection machine, PET preform mould is another important factor; the cooling system will decide the mould cycle time and mould life directly. Because during the high speed production, the mould will become hot, how to keep the mould in suitable temperature, it is very important, for daily use mould, the cooling water channel is 8mm , for preform mould, the cooling channel will no less than 10mm.

Only when the mould and machine both work in good condition, it will reach a good result of the production. if you have any inquiry about PET preform production line, feel free to contact me.

Posted By Elaine

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