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As a professional medical molds supplier, we have

We have made Adult oxygen mask mold, Pediatric oxygen mask mold recently.

rich experiences in Oxygen Mask Mold Design and Oxygen Mask Mold Making. Due to it is flexible PVC polymer, the mold releasing, mold core and cavity material choosing all are critical.   

Oxygen Mask Mould/Plastic Mold


Mold cavity: 2 cavities

Mold core&cavity: S136

Mold Hardness: 50-54HRC

Mold Runner: Cold runner

Mold Life: 3 million shots

lead time: new ready mould, could be shipped as soon as possible 

For this mold we  design good air exhausting system, control the mold quality to ensure the part high polishing, good appearance no flash&burrs, and easy to eject out.

 Also we can custom oxygen mask mould according to customer's design or samples.

We supply good quality Oxygen Mask mould.
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