5 gallon PET preform Crusher

During production, there always comes with some unqualified products, generally, manufacturer will recycle use the unqualified product to save cost. For normal plastic product, it is very easy, crush the unqualified product and reuse the material. Does 5 gallon PET preform can be done in the same way?

Yes, to recycle 5 gallon PET preform, it also use crusher to crush the product first, but the crusher for 5 gallon PET preform is specially due to the thickness of 5 gallon preform is very thick, the normal crusher blade even cannot cut it. For 5 gallon PET preform crusher, its blade is very strong and at the same time, it should be stainless, due to PET material will used to produce bottle, it should be match to food grade. So compare to normal crusher, PET preform crusher is more expensive, if with large quantity, it is very necessary to have such a crusher, even the cost is high.

At the same time, for 5 gallon water bottle crusher, it also has its special big crusher, not only because the size, also due to its special shape.

Anyway, if you need crusher for 5 gallon PET preform or 5 gallon bottle, feel free to contact me, we can offer it.

Posted By Elaine
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