plastic cap mould manufacturer China

Sino PK Co., Ltd is a famous plastic cap mould manufacturer in China. Plastic cap mould manufacturer China provides plastic cap mould, Automatic flip cap mould, spray cap mould and so on.

Plastic cap mould manufacturer have nearly 10 years experience to make cap moulds, they done cap moulds more than 500 mould every year. Plastic cap mould manufacturer China can supplies you screw cap moulds, such as 28mm, 38mm, 48mm diameter screw caps. Plastic cap mould manufacturer can maker exchange insert for different weight perform. Same screw height, different screw shape also could make insert exchange.

Plastic cap mould manufacturer China have done 28mm diameter cap with 98 cavities. If customers have any other requirement, please don’t hesitate to inform us, we will do our best to reach your target.

plastic cap mould

Plastic cap mould manufacturer China not only can supply you cap moulds, but also provide the whole line of cap, among cap mould, perform mould, bellowing machine, plastic injection machine, and other equipments.

If you are looking for plastic cap mould manufacture China, why don’t consider us. We could give you the best service, no matter in before sale, during sale and after sale; we have service in every step. Welcome to consult.

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