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We have totally sets of ready made anesthetic breathing circuit moulds.
The anesthetic breathing circuit is designed to ensure that the patient will breathe in a satisfactory way, that is, in such a manner as to not increase breathing work or physiological dead space.   By review of definitions, the volume of gas inspired and expired with each respiratory cycle is the tidal volume which normalized per kilogram is about 6-10mls/kg. The total volume in the respiratory cycle per minute is the minute volume and also by weight definition the functional residual capacity (FRC) is the volume of gas remaining in the lung following normal expiration.
The CO2 concentration varies through the exhalation cycle. For example, during the first part of the expiratory cycle there is limited CO2 because the gas comes from the upper respiratory tract where limited gas exchange has occurred, corresponding to anatomical dead space which runs about 2mls/kg. The CO2 concentration rises to about 5% corresponding to exhalation of alveolar gas. Alveolar minute ventilation is defined by the volume of alveolar gas expired in one-minute. Anatomical dead space would be about 25%-35% of each tidal volume; moreover, there may be regions of the lung that receive ventilation but are not perfused and as a result cannot contribute to gas exchange, corresponding to alveolar dead space. Total dead space is the physiological dead space.
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