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Medical mould must with high precision,high performance, good quality.We are professional manufacturer which have great experience of syringe mould, oxygen mask mould, yankauer mould and so on.
We have made some medical moulds recently. Such as oxygen mask mould, oxygen mask connectors, Nebuliser mould, yankauer mould
Bottle are widely used during people’s daily life. The equipment which bottle production line need has:1. perform mould, 2.PET injection machine, 3.The assistant machine for injection machine(autoloader, dryer, dehumidi
We are manufacturer which could offer you turnkey equipment of cap production line. Such as cap mould, injection machine, assistant machine for injection molding machine, The assistant machine for cap, such as edging mach
Preform mould tooling has high requirement on precision; it is very important to final preform sample, control the preform wall thickness and weight.
Sino Mould is one of the leading preform mould manufacturers in China; it has been making preform moulds for more than 10 years, so it has rich experience of making preform moulds. Base on the working experience of offeri
Sino Mould as one of the professional cap mould makers in China, it has rich experience of making various kind plastic cap mould, of course including 5 gallon cap mould.
PET preform injection molding is a kind of high technology, because PET material is special, it is sensitive and require for special treatment of raw material and adjust the suitable parameter during molding.
Sino is the professional PET preform mold manufacturer, supplier and maker in China. Along with the increasing demand for PET container, the requirement of PET preform has accordingly become more and more, which leads man
Mineral water bottle production line is one of the most popular production lines. It has good market because human being require for water every day. We can offer customer mould and machines to make production.
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