Injection molding machine select

Many customers are confused in  plastic injection molding machine select .

Injection molding machine select:
There are many sizes of injection molding machine,it is based on the injection cycle time and the injection volume to select machine for the mold.injection volume could be from ounce to ponds for injection molding machine.
The injection molding machine is used for produce plastic products.
Injection molding machine have two parts :melt material and injection system ,open and close mold system .
Melt material and injection system have the following parts :
Hopper,barrel for heating ,injection plunger or screw .

Open and close mold system:
Hydraulic driver movable platen and stationary platen,the mold will be mounted there.also,the injection molding machine with many tyes ,horizontal type and vertical type.
Injection molding machine with many kinds of design of the shape,generally,there have plunger and screw two kinds.the biggest different is that the way of material feed from the hopper to nozzel is not the same .
The rotating screw injection molding machine is the most used machine ,due to it shorter injection time,lower melt temperature,mix better .
There many kinds of equipments to help test and control the clamping system,mold and injection system.The following are the points which will be test and control:1.cylinder temperature2.melt temperature in the screw tab3.nozzle temperature4.mold wall temperature5.temperature of the cooling medium6.internal mold pressure7.pressure in clamping cylinder8.mold deformation9.mold breathing10.column elongation11.pressure in the screw tab12.screw advance speed13.screw displacement14.hydraulic pressure15.oil temperature
Please pay attention to the above points!

Injection molding machine injection system used the pressure air for injection.,so the power is very large.
Injection molding machine suitable for produce the produce volume production.due to the injection machine could produce hundreds or thousands products per hour.